This blog had the purpose of displaying projects, cool technologies and things that I’m interested in. But why did I create a blog by myself and am I not using one the oh-so-many blogging tools? Well, because i like web development and challenges. Thus creating a blogging tool by myself seemed like a nice opportunity exploring and developing my “web development skills”



This website is built on nodejs using express as web framework. The choosen templating engine is Handlebars.js.


ContentTools is a What You See Is What You Get content editor which allows one to write html content without using html tags but the ability to add style and structure by selecting options in a GUI (see image below). I’ve choosen ContentTools because of it’s usability, extensibility and layout.

ContentTools toolbar
ContentTools toolbar


As database i’ve chosen Mongodb because there is not much logic and structure necessary for storing blogposts. Also because i like working with Mongodb because of it JSON-like structure (BSON)


Heroku is a Platform-as-a-Service which supports several programming languages including JavaScript. This service let’s you deploy your web apps without any hassle (they take care of the managing servers, deployment, ongoing operations and scaling). Which means that i can deploy my this web app with a simple git push. This triggers a post commit hook at heroku and then my app deploys on heroku and restarts with the new version.


For storing media used on this blog i’ve chosen Amazon Simple Storage Service because it’s easy to use and has enough storage for this small app.


You can view the result over at! You can test theCMS which uses ContentTools byregistering and then navigating to the admin zone. NOTE: you can try-out the CMS but your changes wont have any effect on the database as you have no admin rights. (offcourse!)

This project is hosted on a public git repository at github so take you can take a look at if you want to!